Fast Papers - Easy and Fast way to complete Medical Records

( Powered by HiText )

HiText parses and transforms text into a suitable format for faster completion of medical records.

For clarity and ease of use, this process has been broken down into several distinct steps. You can find a more detailed description in the help page.

( 1 ) File (Optional)

  • Upload a document or an audio file.
    • This file will be converted to text, for Step 2.
    • Press the button to go to the next step.

( 2 ) Text

  • Choose the main text.
    • You can Paste your text,
    • OR The converted text file from Step 1 can be used.
    • This text can be edited at any time.
  • Choose the words that mark sections(chapters) of text.
    • Each line for one section.
  • Submit the form.
    • The chosen text is analyzed and prepared for step 3.

( 3 ) Use

  • Action 1 - Select:
    • Click on the left side to select larger groups such as sections.
    • Click inside to select smaller items such as sentences.
    • Once a selection has been made, it is copied to the clipboard.
  • Action 2 - Use the selection in your application.
    • Paste the selection into a text field in your application.
    • OR Drag the section over a text field in your application, if your application supports drag and drop with text.
  • You can always go back to step 2, adjust the text or rules, then advance to this step again.